Tax Prep

Items to consider and/or bring in for the preparation of your personal Income Tax Return.

  • Change of name, address or phone number
  • Changes in dependents and/or marital status
  • Copy of last year’s Notice of Assessment (if not already sent to us)
  • Any tax information slips you may have received – e.g. T4, T4A, T5, T5013, T4A(OAS), T4A(P), T4E, T3

If you had investments, you should provide us with your monthly and annual broker statements. We need to know the following:

•  dividend and interest income
•  Canada Savings Bond income
•  return of capital
•  investment expenses such as interest charges or fees
•  purchases or sales of investments
•  if any of your investments de-listed or became otherwise worthless

  • Sales and/or purchases of real estate
  • Alimony or child maintenance paid or received (even if the amounts are not included or deducted from income, CRA requires the amounts be reported)
  • RRSP contributions and/or withdrawals
  • Annual union, professional or like dues
  • Tuition fees for yourself or your dependants
  • Donation receipts. (Note: there is a new super credit implemented for people who have not claimed Charitable Donations for the last five years and made donations after March 30, 2013).
  • Child care expenses (you may also be able to claim payments to a boarding school or camp).
  • Medical receipts and details of significant disabilities. If you have a dependant person with disabilities and limited income, you may qualify for deductions, credits, subsidies or benefits.
  • Income tax installment payments

In order to assist you in preparing your information for us, if you have the following income or expenses, download the forms using the associated links on our website and use them to identify expense groupings. If you come in with the totals written on the form, this will provide additional efficiencies and save on fees.

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